I can’t really figure out how to write about this.

Because it turns my stomach.

Because this — this is genocide, this is mass murder and I can’t understand that it appears sanctioned.

I understand that it happens.

I understand that many who commit such atrocities believe divine mandate.

I do not believe in a God that advocates  mass slaughter.

I think the imagery is what gets to me here, the imagery that echoes into history — a group taken into a place of worship, mercilessly slaughtered. Blood spilled on holy ground.

It happens time again; in temples, in churches, in synagogues. It happens in history as factions and faiths raise war against the other.

I can think of few things more perverse than this. To turn a place of worship and prayer — any worship or prayer, never mind that it isn’t the same as yours — into a killing ground.

If it’s because hate for another’s faith. Or because it’s easy. Or because it’s simply convenient.

I can’t figure out how to wrap my mind around this. To think about the senseless cruelty and loss of life. It is horrible, and it sickens me.

That much I do know.