I find myself very confused.

This may be because I am having a dumb moment, and it may also be because I have been up since five this morning and am very tired.

At any rate, I read my way through this, catching up and feeling perplexed.

The only bit of David’s story I was familiar with was the story of David and Goliath. As a cultural myth it has taken on much larger proportions (pun intended) and I was surprised to see how short it was in the grand scheme of things.

But I don’t really understand why Saul wants to kill David so badly. I see that David is a political threat; that Michel and Jonathan declare their loyalty to him over Saul. I see that David’s success and victory cast Saul in a lesser light.

But I still don’t fully grasp why that leads to a desire to kill him.

Maybe it’s my modern sensibilities speaking — we don’t kill our political foes, we vote them out of office or leak scandals to the press. Maybe it’s my hippie nature. Maybe I’m just not reading carefully enough.

But as a narrative, it leaves me unsatisfied. I don’t grasp the depth of feeling that would lead to a desire to murder. I’m not sure I can, living as I do, in the world I do. Maybe I’d have to be living in a king-based, tribal society to truly grasp it. It feels, though, that assumptions are made and left unsaid, about what things mean and the weight they carry, that it would really be helpful to know.

In the meantime, I remain perplexed.