Okay, this part gets a little….weird to me. It’s basically a series of God performing miracles or giving Moses and Aaron extraordinary magical abilities to overcome hardship. Which, okay, but after all the hoops people had to jump though up until now it seems a little…anti-climactic?

Also, the manna from heaven. So, interestingly described as a flaky, dew-like substance, which makes me think of no food I’ve ever heard of. Added to that is the Sabbath as a day of rest with no work, which apparently includes cooking as the manna lasts two days in that case.

Then we have water brought forth from Moses’ staff. Which is an interesting link to dowsing. I’m not overly familiar with dowsing as a magical practice, but it’s one of those that I had heard some folklore on growing up. If I recall, one of the justifications was that it was Biblical; that Moses’ staff found water, and a good dowser could too. (And that really is the limits of my dowsing knowledge. Your mileage may vary.)  So that was interesting to read.

Then Jethro comes along and tells Moses he’s trying to do too much and he’s going to burn out. Because even in Biblical times some people tried to DO ALL THE THINGS, apparently.  So there a creation of a system that really looks a lot like our court system, with appointed people making minor decisions and the big questions raised up. It’s the framework for a legal system, really.

But taken together, I walk away from this section of the reading still feeling vaguely puzzled. I’m sure that these bits all fit into a larger whole, but they leave me feeling a bit adrift; it’s not the epic storytelling of Genesis or the first bits of Exodus but nor is it strict law and rule stuff.  It’s just…strange, a bit. So I’m not really sure what to think.