We’re both planners, Nancy and I, so of course if we are embarking on a project we like to have a plan laid out ahead of time. It helps keep everything on the same page, and gives us a nice roadmap.

So, what are we doing and how?

We’re following this plan for reading the Bible. Let me disclaim here: I know nothing about the organization behind this site, or their goals/motivations/views. I chose this plan simply because it broke things down in a way that was chronological and fit in a year, and because nothing about the site’s UI caused me to go into a twitching rage. There are, as I’ve discovered, about fifty billion plans out there for reading the Bible, but this is the one we’ll be using.

We’ll both be reading from the The New Oxford Annotated Bible, New Standard Revised Edition. I like to call this the Bible o’ DOOM because it is seriously one of the largest and heaviest books I’ve ever owned. It includes a fair bit of additional information regarding context, history and translation notes (and footnotes! I love footnotes) which may be useful, especially for me since I don’t necessarily have that context.

If you’d like to play along at home, you’re welcome to join us! Feel free to leave a comment and let us know if you’re planning on reading with us.