Before we embark upon this project, it seemed like a good time to introduce ourselves, since part of the reason this blog exists is because Nancy and I thought it would be interesting to compare our different perspectives on reading the Bible.

I come from a nominally religious background. We went to church for a while growing up, but it wasn’t really a major thing in my family.  We went to church on Sunday (and eventually, just on Easter and Christmas, and then eventually not at all) and pretty much forgot about the whole thing otherwise.

The church I grew up in was an Episcopal church, which is still the denomination I attend today. There are a lot of reasons I love the Episcopal church, but it’s not the kind of church that focuses on a lot of  individual reading and memorizing the Bible. There are readings in church of course, but if you never crack the spine of a Bible the rest of the time, nobody is going to get on your case about it.

As I got older, I began to explore other religions, mainly paganism. Because they were so new to me, I spent a fair bit of time — and still do — reading about various things. I’m a big fan of concrete information, so when something intrigues me the first thing I want to do is get my hands on any resources I can. Recently I felt called to begin attending church again, and it has occurred to me that I owe it to give Christianity the same level of research I do anything else; even if I have heard these things before I heard them as a child, not an adult, and the level of understanding is different.

Beyond the religious aspects of reading the Bible, I also want to understand it from a literary perspective. Regardless of your view on theological or historical validity, the Bible constitutes a major influence alone on the western literary canon. For that reason alone I ought to be reading it.

Which brings us to this year; for the past several years I’ve done some sort of different spiritual practice each day. A book of Goddess meditations, or reading a magical almanac. This year, I decided reading the Bible would be my practice, and I roped Nancy into this plan with me.  Because we’re approaching this from different levels of familiarity and backgrounds (you can read more about Nancy’s reasons for doing this blog as well) we decided to blog about this. So we hope you’ll enjoy reading.